Winda Tires

The all new WINDA / Boto tires is a bargain priced tire introducing unprecedented comfort and road holding to this category and further shrinking the gap between entry level and premium products. Winda is a brand of the vast Wanda BOTO Group in China which until 2009, specialised in heavy truck tyres.
Since then, the group have introduced an exciting new range of passenger car, van and 4wd tyres which is constantly increasing in size and depth. Winda tyres are now producing 30 million tyres annually and have sourced leading technology and knowledge from Europe to ensure they can bring first world tyre product to the market place.
These guys are determined to succeed and become a major international tire market presence. And having the total backing of the Chinese Government, Winda are sure to survive and flourish. Winda tires are a good quality tire at super low prices with special appeal to people trading up in their tire buying due to the collapse of the second hand tire market. So if you are wanting to save money on your next tire purchase, come on down and view the range of Winda new tires down at UnitedTires.
WINDA tires and BOTO  tires manufacturing process is based on Goodyear technology what provides excellent passing performance, excellent side-skid and wet-skid resistance as well as a comfort driving.